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What is a Home Energy Audit and Assessment Score?

Providing a Home Energy Score involves reviewing certain aspects of the home such as the insulation, typical energy loss points in a home, the appliances, and more to determine the approximate operating efficiency of a home.  It's kind of like miles per gallon for a car, but for a home.

Home Energy Scores are currently required for home sales in Oregon.  While not required in Washington, it's possible they will be soon, and it's a good idea to get a better understanding of a home's efficiency.

We typically perform an Energy Score Assessment at the same time we are performing a home inspection.  We review some additional areas of the home, systems in the home such as heating and cooling, collect some additional information and provide a written report outline following the US Department of Energy guidelines.

Following completion of the home energy score assessment, we will deliver a report detailing the current estimated operating efficiency of the home along with recommendations for updates to improve operating efficiency.  Estimated yearly savings are also projected.

Whether you are buying a home and need to understand the efficiency or are just living in your home and want to know how much you can save with efficiency upgrades, it's a great way to move toward saving money operating your home.

Image of a home energry score chart

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