Home Health Checkup

Photo collage of the home health checkup process
Having a Home Health Checkup of the roof, attic, and crawlspace can help find issues before they become bigger and costlier to fix.

Why Have A Home Health Checkup?

The roof, attic, and crawlspace are places that most homeowners don't go on a regular basis, so that is where problems can develop and progress unseen. Home Health Checkups are designed to be a yearly health check on these unvisited areas to inspect for any developing issues. Our licensed home inspector will inspect the roof, attic, and crawlspace and provide a written report for items needing maintenance or correction.  It is not a full home inspection, but an abbreviated inspection performed periodically to check the essential areas of roof, attic, and crawlspace. These areas are often never visited by homeowners, and thus, can develop issues that remain unnoticed until a problem becomes bigger and costlier to fix.  Getting an inspection and heading off issues is cheaper than if they become larger issues that need to be dealt with later.  It is also a good way to keep the home in shape for when and if you decide to sell down the road. No one likes to hear about the issues buyers want fixed during a home sale and it makes the home sale transaction smoother and easier if there are less issues to deal with during a home sale.  It's like getting a yearly health checkup at the doctor's office.

Some examples of items discovered are damaged or worn out shingles on the roof that could allow leaking, necessary roof maintenance items such as cracked plumbing vent boots needing replacement or exposed nail heads that need sealant to prevent leaking.  For the attic, this could be signs of mold,  leaking, or other moisture problems. For the crawlspace, it may be things such as leaking drain or water pipes, damaged insulation, disconnected or damaged HVAC ductwork, animal activity, or water intrusion.

Our inspector will visit these key areas and take usually 1-2 hours onsite at your home and follow it with delivery of an inspection report with photos and descriptions of the issues noted so you can take action and fix developing or existing issues.

Home Health Checkup Pricing

The Home Health Checkup pricing is less than a full home inspection.  The cost is $300 for houses under 2,000 square feet and increases slightly with home size. Larger homes take longer to do and cost a little more.

Discounts For Prior Customers

Prior home inspection customers receive a discounted price.  We provide a $25 discount coupon for previous home inspection customers.


Inspection Types

We perform inspections for different scenarios.  These include home buyer inspections, pre-listing inspections (for seller), new construction, and re-inspections for repaired items.


Buyer Inspections

Learn as much as possible about the home you are buying to protect your investment.


Seller (Pre-listing)

Get more money faster by identifying and repairing items in advance of listing your home.


Home Maintenance

If you've lived in your home for 5+ years, it's a good idea to have it inspected to find developing issues.


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