We strongly dislike having a cancellation policy, however, it is necessary.  As we’ve gotten busier, we find more late cancellations happen just due to the increasing number of inspections.  Sometimes, there’s a good reason, sometimes there is not and we have been left with an empty inspection slot and lost income.

Our cancellation policy is very simple.  We require a minimum of 24 hours notification of cancellation prior to the date/time of the inspection. There is a $300 fee for late cancellations less then 24 hours from the date/time of the inspection.  Our average inspection fee including ancillary services is about $600, so we charge for 1/2 of the average inspection fee.  That’s fair.  We still lose income, and the customer cancelling late pays for part of it, but we share in it together.

After scheduling, please notify us right away if anything changes or if you need to cancel the inspection so that we have the opportunity to adjust the schedule or fill the time slot with another inspection.

If you are a realtor scheduling for your customer, please schedule an inspection when you know your offer has been accepted.  Scheduled inspections for properties with offers not accepted often result in cancellations and confusion in our scheduling.

We notify every customer of the cancellation policy in the scheduling email, and on our website to help avoid confusion and potential scheduling issues.