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A 45th Parallel Home Inspection tech on a roof to illustrate home inspections.Wilsonville, a vibrant Oregon community where small-town charm is just a short drive to the city of Portland. While homeownership is part of the American dream, potential nightmares can arise if a property isn’t inspected properly or regularly. Many homeowners understand how to properly and safely inspect a property periodically to check on its overall health. However, many people do not. At 45th Parallel, we're here to help ensure your dream home remains a happy experience.

Revealing What Lies Beneath

A thorough home inspection isn't just a formality; it's an investment in your future. Imagine the peace of mind knowing potential electrical hazards, structural weaknesses, or water damage have been identified before closing. We meticulously assess every critical area, from foundation and roof to plumbing and major appliances, giving you the power to make informed decisions.

Knowledge is Power

Our inspectors provide peace of mind for years to come. Home inspections often address routine maintenance needs, but they can also uncover more serious issues before they become costly problems.

Knowledge is power. Our detailed reports, complete with photos and clear explanations, empower you to make informed decisions. We believe in transparency, making sure you understand the condition of your home and the steps needed to maintain a healthy and safe condition. To be clear, a home inspection SHOULD BE AN UNBIASED visual inspection of a property.

A key term in the previous is unbiased. That’s really hard to define, because each person has their own personal biases or even lack of bias for things that should be accounted for when scrutinizing a home. The most accurate analogy we have come up with is, inspect it like it’s your personal home. If it is something you (the inspector) would want to know, then your customer probably wants to know it too.

Additional Home Inspection Services

For even greater peace of mind, we offer specialized services to make sure all areas of your home are in safe and working order:

Sewer Line Inspections

Don't let hidden problems drain your wallet. Many of us take for granted that our sewer line will work flawlessly forever. But what can’t be seen can definitely lead to costly repairs if left unexamined. If purchasing a home with a sewer line issue, depending on the issue, it could cost tens of thousands to fix later. It is best to know the condition sooner rather than later.

Roots found during a swer scope to illustrate home inspection services.Your home's health goes beyond what meets the eye. It’s important to assess your sewer line’s function. We utilize advanced technology like self leveling cameras and video with commentary to evaluate sewer line integrity. By identifying blockages, leaks, or other problems early on, we help you avoid costly repairs and maintain the smooth functioning of your sewer system.

Radon Testing

Protect your family from the silent threat of radon gas. This colorless, odorless radioactive gas is one of the leading causes of lung cancer, only second behind smoking. The good news is that it’s an easily preventable threat if you take action. We offer prompt testing and, if necessary, guidance on mitigation solutions.

Annual Home Health Checkups

Just like you schedule regular doctor visits, your home deserves yearly checkups. Prevention is key. We'll identify potential issues early, saving you money and headaches in the long run. We scrutinize the key areas most often never visited by homeowners, the attic, the roof, and the crawlspace.
While home health checkups aren’t comprehensive inspections of your home, they can reveal significant issues that need to be addressed, such as worn roof shingles, cracked plumbing vent boots, or leaking drain or water pipes.

Home Exterior Inspections

Home exterior issues are best confronted as early as possible. The exterior wall cladding on the home is a first line defence against water intrusion, and needs periodic inspection. We inspect adhered stone veneer, EIFS, and stucco installations, employing moisture testing to uncover hidden issues that could lead to costly repairs if ignored. We also can perform inspections on less problematic types of siding like fiber cement, wood shingles, and hardboard siding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common questions and answers for home buyers and sellers alike

What happens if issues are found during the inspection?

Every house has issues to address and repair. If significant issues are identified, we will discuss them with you and help guide potential next steps, including recommended further evaluation by an appropriate contractor. We can’t tell you if you should buy a home or not, but we can give you all of the data to help you make an informed decision.

How long does a home inspection typically take?

A comprehensive home inspection usually takes between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the property. Larger or more complex properties may require multiple inspectors and more time to accomplish.

How soon will I receive the inspection report?

We strive to deliver comprehensive inspection reports promptly. For home inspections, you will receive it no later than the next morning, but usually the same evening as the inspection. Some inspections like EIFS, stucco, and stone veneer take longer to perform and write up so may be up to 2-3 days depending on the amount of report writing to accomplish.

Why is radon testing important?

Radon is a silent killer, and testing the radon levels in your home is crucial for ensuring the long term safety of your family.

Home inspections, sewer scopes, electrical inspections, and other services are all designed to give you peace of mind as a home buyer or a homeowner. Schedule an inspection with 45th Parallel Home Inspection and we’ll give you the information you need to make the right decisions for your home.

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