Camas Home Inspections

Home inspections by 45th Parallel Home Inspections in Camas provide crucial protection for home buyers and homeowners alike. They act as a shield against unforeseen issues, offering a transparent and non-biased view of a property’s condition before purchase or for existing homeowners. By revealing potential problems like structural problems, electrical problems, or plumbing issues, inspections empower buyers and homeowners to make informed decisions.

Our inspections offer peace of mind, assuring buyers about the property’s overall state and enabling them to plan for future maintenance effectively. In essence, these inspections serve as a vital tool, minimizing risks and ensuring a confident and secure investment for home buyers.

If you are preparing to sell your home in Camas, a thorough home inspection can help identify any larger ticket items that should be repaired or rectified prior to hitting the market. The sale contingency period is a very hectic 10-day window where a lot is happening. The last thing you want to be doing during a sales negotiation is accepting every bid a buyer has obtained from a contractor because you are under the stress of time constraints. This may lead to you accepting negotiations in the sales price that are higher than necessary.

Our inspection for your Camas home can help you prepare in advance and make the sales process smoother, shorter, and more profitable. But our inspections will also help existing owners not interested in selling their homes, proactively safeguarding their investment.

These inspections detect potential issues early, such as plumbing leaks, electrical problems, water intrusion issues in crawlspaces or roofing leaks, or even structural issues. By identifying these concerns before they escalate, inspections enable prompt repairs, preventing costly damage and preserving the home’s integrity.

Regular inspections by 45th Parallel Home Inspection in Camas offer homeowners a comprehensive understanding of their property’s condition, empowering them to plan maintenance effectively and avoid surprise issues. This forward-thinking approach not only saves money but also helps ensure a safe and well-maintained home.

Home Inspections in Camas

As a homebuyer in Camas, understanding what a home inspection covers is pivotal in making an informed investment. Home inspections encompass a thorough evaluation of various crucial aspects of the property’s condition. We’ve been told by many clients how happy they are to know exactly what’s going on with the home they want to buy, and that the information we give them is helpful when deciding what to ask for during the negotiation process.

We examine the visible structural components of a home, including the foundation, walls, and roof look for and identify any signs of damage or concern. We also dive into the electrical system, checking outlets, wiring, and the main panel looking for faulty wiring, non-professional work, and safety. Plumbing systems, such as pipes, fixtures, and water heaters, undergo scrutiny for leaks, functionality, and potential issues.

HVAC systems, which include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, are assessed for proper operation and maintenance needs. Season and temperature permitting, we operate heat pumps, air conditioners, electric and gas furnaces, mini-split heat pumps, and radiant heating systems to determine if they are operating normally.

While we are not currently licensed by the agricultural department as structural pest inspectors, we also very often find evidence of pests like ants, boring beetles, rodents, larger animals such as raccoons and opossums, as well as signs of mold or dry rot (actually a fungus). 45th Parallel will also look at the house’s exterior, looking at drainage, grading, and potential issues like damaged siding or issues with the chimney.

Sewer Line Inspections

A sewer line inspection is vital for a comprehensive evaluation of the Camas property in question. This inspection of the main sewer line involves a thorough examination of the underground pipe responsible for carrying wastewater away from the home to the city connection or the septic tank. We use specialized top-tier cameras to navigate through the sewer lines, assessing their condition for potential issues.

We search for blockages caused by debris, root intrusion, or structural damage like cracks or breaks in the pipes, especially in older Camas homes. Another item that comes up periodically in older Camas homes is the old Orangeburg drain piping. When encountered, they are usually damaged and deteriorated, and need replacement.

These inspections aim to identify any obstructions or issues that could lead to backups, clogs, or costly repairs in the future. Bellies are one defect we encounter daily in sewer lines. Bellies are low points in the sewer line with standing water that promote backup of debris and clogging.

Often in older lines, we encounter root intrusion that needs to be cleared out, and in more advanced root intrusion, the line should likely be either replaced or may be a candidate for a liner which leaves the existing sewer line in place but just re-lines the existing pipe to seal it from future root intrusion or to repair areas of damage.

Our report provides valuable insights into the sewer line’s condition, allowing you to make informed decisions about the property. You can negotiate repairs or factor potential maintenance costs into your purchasing decisions if any issues are found. Understanding the condition of the sewer line helps ensure a smoother and more secure transition into your new Camas home.

Exterior Cladding Inspections

While most homes opt for traditional lap siding, many Camas homes feature adhered stone veneer, bringing a bit of that Pacific Northwest feel to their homes. They add texture, depth, and visual interest, elevating the overall curb appeal. Their natural appearance creates a sense of warmth and sophistication, enhancing the home’s charm. Unfortunately, they can also cover up a lot of damage to the walls of your home if it has been poorly or improperly installed.

Having inspected many adhered stone veneer installations–it’s clear that most new and existing ones don’t meet industry standards. Older installations often lacked the guidance and strict requirements seen today and may be hiding water damage in the walls. The majority of these installations, whether new or existing, often fall short of industry guidelines.

Like most wall claddings, water intrusion commonly occurs at wall penetrations like windows, doors, and utility entry points such as hose bibs and lights. Insufficient clearance, flashing, or sealant at these points can lead to water entry, causing mold, rot, and expensive damage to the wall structure, necessitating significant repairs.

We also perform EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) inspections, vital for assessing the condition of this popular cladding system. EIFS consists of insulation boards attached to the exterior wall, followed by a base coat and a textured finish coat. It can provide excellent energy efficiency and a layer of sophistication to the home’s exterior, but like with the stone veneer, it can hide problems when incorrectly installed.

Older EIFS installations (pre-2000) can especially be at risk because the normal installation practices at the time are now a known source of water intrusion issues. 45th Parallel investigates potential issues that could lead to moisture intrusion and subsequent damage. These inspections involve examining the EIFS for cracks, gaps, or areas where water might penetrate, compromising the building’s envelope.

We also check for any signs of water damage, such as discoloration or soft spots, delamination of the surface, and signs of hidden issues below the surface. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to preserving the integrity of buildings with EIFS, ensuring their longevity, and minimizing potential risks.

While not as common in Camas as EIFS, older hard coat stucco is around and installed on some older homes. Using the same inspection process and moisture testing, we can scrutinize the stucco for hidden damage, and perform moisture testing and probing to verify any areas of damage to the wall structure below the stucco.

Expert Camas Home Inspections and Other Services

We also provide Radon testing, re-inspections of repaired items, and whole-home health checkups for Camas homeowners who want to make sure their investment is properly cared for. Our comprehensive report, complete with images and explanations, offers a clear and unbiased understanding of your home’s potential issues.

Taking a proactive stance with a professional inspection not only provides insights but also saves money in the long term. Experience shows that proactively maintaining your home upfront helps prevent costly surprises down the line, and in making informed decisions for your home’s well-being.

Do you need a thorough home inspection before buying a home, or just want to make sure your existing Camas home is aging gracefully? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to 45th Parallel Home Inspection and we’ll talk about your home and our processes. It’s our priority to give you the data you need to make informed decisions.

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