In short, no.  The home inspection agreement is required to be signed prior to beginning a a home inspection and is a legal document and agreement between the customer and the home inspection company.  The inspection agreement outlines what the home inspection company is doing and not doing for the customer and also discusses limitations and limits of liability.  While, as a realtor, you may be legally entitled to sign documents on your customer’s behalf, it is not in your customer’s best interest to not know the contents and read a document they are legally entering into.  Also consider that if there were to arise an issue in the future with an item or for that matter a missing item on the report, and the customer were to file a lawsuit against the home inspection company, the first thing the insurance company is going to ask for is all of the documentation regarding this client and the inspection.  If there is no inspection agreement signed by the end customer, that would definitely not be in their best interest.  We want the customer to be totally informed and protected.  In looking out for our mutual customer’s best interest, they should always read, understand, and sign the inspection agreement.

Exception: say for example, our mutual customer is traveling internationally and does not have any access to technology, cannot sign online, and has entrusted you to arrange and execute the home inspection.  Well, in that case, OK.  You are legally entitled to sign on behalf of your client.   It’s your judgement call, we just encourage you to be judicious about signing on their behalf.