A Radon test conducted for a real estate transaction is conducted for 48 hours which is the minimum amount of time for a Radon test for real estate transactions.  Usually, the Radon monitor will be placed during the home inspection, or 2-3 days prior to the home inspection.  The Radon technician will walk the house to establish whether closed house conditions exist prior to starting the test. After verifying or establishing closed house conditions, the test will be started.  The Radon technician will select a room on the lowest livable level of the home to place the Continuous Radon Monitor.  The Radon monitor is a small piece of equipment on a tripod that continuously monitors Radon concentration in the air and other factors such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure.  The Radon monitor will stay in place anywhere from 48 – 72 hours and then be retrieved.  The Radon test report will be retrieved from the monitor and delivered to the customer.