——– Update 6/9/2020 ————

Washington – Washington state and some counties are now in phase 2 re-opening.  What that means to us in the real estate home inspection business is that no more than 3 people can be on-site during a home inspection.  That is the current guideline from Governor Inslee’s office.  We determine 0n-site to be in the home.  Non essential people should still not attend home inspections.  We as home inspectors are still taking the same precautions we have been previously such as wearing a face mask, gloves, and booties while in the home and wiping down surfaces we touch such as light switches, doorknobs, faucet handles, face plates on microwave and oven etc.  We also ask that you be thoughtful and take precautions while in an occupied home and wear a face mask, gloves, and refrain from touching surfaces.  We’re on the way to recovery!

Here is the phase 2 real estate guidelines document.

——– Update 3/28/2020 ———–

Washington –  Great news! Today, we received clarification regarding home inspection and real estate transactions in Washington during the Stay at Home proclamation in Washington state allowing home inspections to continue.

Here is the clarification from WA state: Read it here

Home inspections are being allowed to continue to assist customers during current real estate transactions, however, there is a strict requirement for a maximum of two people to be on site during an inspection and practicing social distance at all times.  This means that a realtor may open the property and attend if necessary, but customers must not attend inspections.  We are requesting that the inspector be the only person on site if possible.  In the event a home is occupied, the listing agent should clearly communicate that the sellers must not attend the inspection in order to fulfill the Governor’s orders.  This is a huge opportunity we’ve been given to continue the home buying and selling process during this stressful time, and we must observe and respect the rules set forth.  We must stress that we are clearly communicating the rules that must be followed in order for us to conduct an inspection, and that if we arrive at an inspection, and the rule regarding two people maximum on site cannot be maintained, we will not perform the inspection.  It will need to be re-scheduled at a later date.  We are taking all precautions possible such as wearing gloves, disinfecting surfaces such as faucets, doorknobs, light switches etc and wearing booties in the home.  Thank you so much for your understanding in helping us to continue keeping the the inspection process as an option for all and helping keep people safe during this time.

Please, by all means, give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.   Thank you.

General (Applies to WA and OR)We are happy to continue performing inspections to help our customers, however, we insist that non-essential people not attend the inspections.   Customers must not attend the inspection at this time.  It’s fine for the realtor to open the property for us, however, should not remain in the home during the inspection.  Sellers / occupants must not attend the inspection.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are determined to do our part in helping to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus and help protect our loved ones and ourselves from this disease.  If we arrive at the inspection, and non-essential people are present, we will not perform the inspection, and it will need to be re-scheduled at a later date / time.

——– Update 3/24/2020 ———–

Washington – Last evening, Governor Jay Inslee issued a stay at home order for non-essential businesses and activities which must cease operations by March 25th.  Currently, we are scheduling up to the 25th.   At this point, we do not have a clear indication of whether we as inspectors are considered an essential business or activity or not. We will continue to research and try to determine if we should cease operations or are able to continue past March 25th.  We have attempted to contact the WA licensing department for home inspectors, but as of yet, have been unable to do so. We will do all we can for our customers, but will respect and obey all and city mandates.  We appreciate your understanding during this rapidly evolving situation, and be aware that inspection scheduling is subject to change depending on updates in information we receive.

Oregon – Yesterday, Governor Kate Brown issued a stay at home order for non-essential businesses and activities.  We contacted the Oregon Contractors Board, and were told that home inspections may continue.  At this point, that is the direction we have.  Home inspections are allowed to continue.  We will continue performing inspections in Oregon until we learn otherwise.

General Info – Non-essential people must not attend the inspection.  This means buyers and associated parties, sellers or occupants, realtors, etc.  Don’t worry, we will perform a thorough inspection and follow up with a summary phone call following the inspection.  We must respect the wishes of any home sellers that do not want the home inspected.  Realtors should clearly communicate with the listing agent / home seller what precautions we are taking, and that we will follow their direction if they prefer we do not perform the inspection.  The listing agent should instruct the occupants to not attend the inspection.


45th Parallel is still performing home inspections for our customers, however, we are enacting precautions to do our part in the fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus spread. We want to protect our customers, realtor partners, home owners, tenants, and our inspectors.

We are following the recommendations of one of our home inspection trade organizations ASHI and the CDC regarding precautions to take during the inspection.

Take a look at the CDC Information regarding prevention.

Our inspectors will sanitize their hands prior to beginning the inspection, wipe entry doorknobs inside and out upon entering the home, and the surfaces we operate such as stove knobs, sink faucet handles etc.  The inspector will wash hands during the inspection several times if possible. We will wear booties in the home over shoes instead of removing shoes. We love shaking hands with our customers, but for now, no handshakes, fist bumps, or elbows. We will maintain social distance from other folks as well.

We ask that non-essential people do not attend the inspection unless necessary. We know that you, as customers want to attend the inspection, and normally, we highly encourage that, but this is a unique situation and following the requests and recommendation of the CDC is the best course of action for now.

Let’s all do our part, protect ourselves and our loved ones, and hopefully, hopefully, this disruption is all over soon!

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.  (360) 419-5544

—– Reprint of advice to home inspectors from ASHI —–

A home inspection is a vital part of a home purchase. ASHI believes that home inspections can continue during the COVID-19 outbreak when prudent safety precautions are practiced, and when performing the inspection does not conflict with government orders and recommendations.

Everyone involved with the home inspection is responsible for helping with safety. The following advice is based on current recommendations from the CDC, NIH, & WHO. People should be aware that the situation is changing constantly and should monitor the CDC for official updates and recommended behavior.

For Home Inspectors:

  • Reschedule the inspection if you feel sick, or if you exhibit symptoms of a respiratory illness.
  • Bring your own anti-bacterial soap, towel, hand sanitizer, and shoe covers.
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the home, and wash your hands as recommended before and throughout beginning the inspection.
  • Wear disposable shoe covers when entering the home.
  • Do not shake hands, bump fists, or touch elbows.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Wash your hands after inspecting each bathroom and the kitchen.
  • Wipe bathroom and kitchen fixtures and toilet handles with a sanitizing wipe after inspecting these areas. Be sure the wipe instructions allow use on the fixture or handle.
  • Wipe door handle/knob inside and outside the home as you enter and leave the home.

For Buyers and Real Estate Agents:

  • Do not attend the inspection. If you wish to attend, do so only at the end of the inspection.
  • Do not bring children, relatives, contractors, and others to the inspection. Reschedule the inspection if you wish to attend, and if you feel sick, or if you exhibit symptoms of a respiratory illness.
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering and before leaving the home.
  • Touch as few things in the home as possible.

For Sellers:

  • Reschedule the inspection if anyone in the home feels sick, or exhibits symptoms of a respiratory illness.
  • Do not attend the inspection. Make arrangements for children, relatives, and others to be out of the home during the inspection.
  • Wipe bathroom and kitchen fixtures, toilet handles, and doorknobs with a sanitizing wipe before the inspection. Be sure the wipe instructions allow use on the surface.