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Tigard, Oregon is a vibrant town just minutes outside the Portland metropolitan area. Known for its community-centric atmosphere, it offers a perfect blend of suburban charm and urban amenities. With parks, shopping centers, and diverse dining options, Tigard is a welcoming environment for anyone wanting to call it home.

If you’re buying or selling a home in Tigard, it’s vital to understand the importance of having a home inspection. A thorough inspection is the foundation of making an informed decision in any residential property transaction.

Why Do You Need a Home Inspection?

Regular home inspections are essential for a number of reasons:

1. Empowering You to Make Informed Decisions: Whether buying or selling a home, a home inspection provides valuable information that empowers individuals to make informed decisions, contributing to a smooth real estate transaction.

2. Identifying Potential Issues: With regular inspections, we identify major issues like structural deficiencies, water intrusion, or faulty systems early on, possibly preventing costly future repairs.

3. Protecting Your Investment: For homeowners, regular inspections protect the investment in their property by addressing minor issues before they become major problems, ultimately preserving the home's value.

4. Maintaining Safety Standards: Inspections ensure that the home meets safety standards, identifying hazards such as faulty wiring, gas leaks, or other risks that could compromise the well-being of residents.

5. Optimizing Energy Efficiency: By examining insulation, HVAC systems, and other energy-related components, inspections contribute to optimizing energy efficiency, identifying problem areas, and potentially reducing utility costs.

Our Services

Full Home Inspection

From the top of the roof to the bottom of the foundation, we perform a thorough home inspection following state and trade organization standards of practice. Our home inspections include areas such as the roof, attic, crawlspace, interior, foundation, electrical system, plumbing system, HVAC / heating and cooling, building in kitchen appliances, and more. Our goal is to prevent big surprises as much as possible. No one has a crystal ball, but armed with a full depth of information about a home, decisions become much easier and clearer. We provide very detailed, unbiased, inspection services for buyers, sellers, home owners, property tenants, property managers, and more. We can help you too!

Sewer Line Inspections

Protect your real estate investment and avoid costly surprises with our advanced camera technology and locating equipment. We pinpoint potential issues, locate existing concerns, and provide accurate repair estimates.

Sewer line performance deteriorates over time for a number of reasons, including tree root intrusion, pipe damage, ground shifts or disturbance, and natural pipe aging. Regular inspections are an important proactive measure to identify issues early, possibly preventing health hazards and costly headaches down the line.

It’s also important to know the condition of a sewer line when purchasing a property, because issues, if existing, can be very costly, depending on the location and depth. Issues located under driveways, concrete slabs and foundations, and city streets can be very costly to repair, so it’s best to know of any issues before purchasing the property.

Radon Testing

Keep your loved ones safe with radon testing. We provide a state of the art Radon test with detailed hourly readings that outline Radon levels, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, machine movement, and more. These parameters help to prevent tampering with testing machinery or the environment that could skew the results. We prioritize your health and peace of mind.

This invisible and odorless gas can make its way into your home through foundation cracks, wall gaps, crawl spaces, and even water sources. Radon is a known carcinogen that can lead to serious health issues if exposed to significant levels over time. In essence, Radon exposure can cause lung cancer.

By having a radon test performed, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home is safe. And if radon is detected at concerning levels, you can take action and have it mitigated to prevent future health issues.

Radon testing is a simple and generally cost-effective process that can give a clear indication of the gas levels in your home. Just let us know you’d like your home tested, and we will be glad to get you scheduled.

Home Health Checkups

It is highly recommended to have regular home health checkups. Our inspections involve a number of areas of your home that are commonly neglected, such as the roof, attic, and crawlspace. We’ll evaluate aspects such as insulation, plumbing, indications of water infiltration, pests, and more.

Armed with this knowledge, you can schedule repairs if needed while also potentially reducing expenses by detecting problems at an early stage. Within a short period, typically one to two hours, our inspector will conduct the inspection and subsequently furnish you with a comprehensive report accompanied by photographs.

Adhered Stone Veneer, EIFS, Stucco Inspections

Exterior finishes like adhered stone veneer, EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System), and stucco enhance the exterior of homes. Our inspections focus on how well they were installed, any installation errors or defects, but also looking under the surface for moisture infiltration or structural damage.

Identifying potential problems early on can save you from extensive repairs and maintain the visual appeal of your home. It’s also very good when purchasing a home to know whether there are underlying issues with the home’s stone, stucco, or EIFS. Issues, if existing, can be very expensive to fix, so have an inspection of these wall claddings when purchasing any property.

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