We are very sensitive to moving people’s belongings.  Where someone lives is their sacred space, so we try to have as minimal impact as possible.  We try to leave things just like we found them like the thermostat, heat controls, window positions, etc.  Be aware that part of our job is to test and inspect things so things will be touched and operated like heating controls, light switches, plumbing fixture handles, doors, windows, etc.  We may move minimal things to get to the crawlspace hatch or electrical panel or attic entrance if necessary, but ideally, we don’t because those spaces have already been cleared for the inspector like we requested prior to the inspection. If there is more than just a minimal amount of light belongings to move to gain proper access to those spaces, we will notify the realtor or customer that we will not be moving belongings to access an important location.  It may be necessary to return and and inspect those areas at a later date.  We do not move personal possessions like clearing closets, moving furniture, to get to windows or receptacles or see unseen areas.

As a home occupant, prior to the inspection, please do the following to assist us in completing our inspection with minimal impact:

  • Crate animals or take them with you
  • Clear pathways to major appliances like the furnace and water heater
  • Clear area in front of electrical panel enough to stand and work and remove the panel cover
  • Clear any areas surrounding the crawlspace and attic entrance to give the inspection plenty of space to place a ladder and to enter these spaces
  • Unlock any locked interior doors
  • Unlock gates around the home for easy access to the back yard

Do these things will allow us to perform our inspection with minimal impact to your home.