Verbal Inspection

What Is A Verbal Walk Through

A walk through verbal inspection is helpful to provide a quick, lower cost assessment of a property.  It is an abbreviated and quicker inspection which does not include a written report, but where the customer walks along with the inspector as they cover the major parts of the home.  Home sellers or investors may find this type of inspection useful because it is quick, you have a verbal debrief on the spot without having to wait for a report, and it is lower cost that a typical home inspection.  The inspector does not go into great depth and inspect things like every window, door, electrical outlet, kitchen appliances etc.  The major parts of the home are covered with a verbal debrief following each section.

What IS Included

  • Up to about 1.5 hour on-site and customer consultation of major parts of the home
  • Roof
  • Exterior siding / trim
  • Structural (attic and crawlspace)
  • HVAC system
  • Water heater
  • Main electrical panel

During the inspection, the customer will need to walk along with the inspector and take notes. At the end, the inspector will address any final overall questions you have regarding the areas covered.  This does not take the place of a full home inspection.

What Is NOT Included

  • No written report will be given
  • No photos will be provided
  • Not an in-depth inspection like testing all windows, doors, electrical receptacles, operating all plumbing fixtures
  • Built-in kitchen appliances
  • Garage
  • Doors and windows
  • Determining exact age of components
  • Ongoing consultation following the inspection
  • Drainage, sidewalks, driveways
  • Does not take the place of a full home inspection

What To Expect and Cost

The cost for a verbal walk through inspection is less than a regular home inspection with a full report and we do not go in-depth as with a regular home inspection.  The whole point is to provide a quick inspection of the major points of the home that may need attention and a quick verbal debrief.  Be prepared to walk along and take notes while the inspector moves through the major areas.  Customers are not to follow us in areas like the roof, attic and crawlspace for their safety.  We will debrief them once finished with these areas.  The inspector will provide bullet points, for example:

  • Some damaged roof shingles need replacement
  • Insulation falling down / damaged in the crawlspace
  • Water pipes are not insulated in the crawlspace
  • Water heater is leaking at some fittings and needs repair

The cost, like regular home inspections depends on size and age because that dictates how much work it takes to inspect.  A typical verbal walk through starts at $250 but will vary with size and age, but is still significantly less than a full inspection with a written report. Give us a call so we can provide you with an exact cost.

A pre-inspection agreement is required as mandated by state regulations which will outline that the inspector is not doing a typical home inspection with written report and does not adhere to the state or industry standards of practice.  The customer will be agreeing to a release of liability since this verbal inspection is a limited inspection not following typical standards of practice.