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As a pet owner, preparing for a home inspection can be a bit challenging. Pets are a beloved part of the family, but they can add certain… complexities to the inspection process. Especially if they are very friendly or very curious. So here are a few home inspection tips for pet owners.

Inspectors must be able to move freely throughout the house, including areas where pets might be startled or aggressive. A home inspector’s job is to inspect a home and not to pet sit by having to worry about what doors are open and worrying a family pet may escape. Please understand that your pet’s safety and well-being are your responsibility, not the inspector’s.

Some inspectors may also potentially have allergies or phobias that could affect their ability to perform a thorough inspection. For pet owners, the prospect of a stranger meticulously examining their home while furry (or feathery) friends are present can cause a bit of anxiety. But with some prep work, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free home inspection for everyone involved, including your beloved pets.

Preparing Your Home for a Pet-Friendly Inspection

Deep Clean and Deodorize

First impressions matter, and a clean home free of pet hair and lingering odors creates a positive atmosphere for the prospective buyer. Thoroughly vacuum carpets, rugs, and furniture, paying special attention to areas where your pets frequent. Wash pet bedding and remove any lingering pet accidents with enzymatic cleaners specifically designed to eliminate pet stains and odors.

Address Visible Chewing or Scratches

Pet owners know that sometimes furniture and walls become chew toys or scratching posts. If your home has any visible damage caused by your pets, consider making minor repairs. For minor scratches on doors or baseboards, touch-up paint can work wonders. In the case of flooring, it might even be a selling point if the floor is refinished.

Pick Up After Your Pets

This goes without saying, but ensure your yard is free of pet waste before the day of the inspection. A clean and well-maintained exterior showcases pride of ownership and creates a cleaner environment for the buyer, agents, and home inspector, and reduces changes that some pet doo could accidentally be tracked into the home. It’s also recommended to pick up pet toys and accessories as well as food or water bowls inside.

Securing Your Pets During the Inspection

to help illustrate Home Inspection Tips for Pet Owners1. Crate Or Remove Nervous Pets: The best options are to either crate your pet, or take them with you out of the home during the inspection. Pets often get nervous around strangers in the home and can become territorial. It’s not surprising, it is a part of your pet’s instincts, so please factor this in. If your pet gets anxious around strangers, prioritize their well-being. You could also consider asking a friend, family member, or pet sitter to watch your pet during the inspection if you can’t crate them or take them with you out of the home.

2. Leash Up Confident Pets: If you will be staying in the home during the inspection, for pets comfortable around new people, having them leashed during the inspection can be a good option. This allows you to maintain control and prevent them from wandering into areas the inspector is examining.

3. Communicate with the Inspector: Before the inspection, let the inspector know you have pets and discuss your plan for securing them. A heads-up allows the inspector to adjust their approach if needed and ensures everyone feels comfortable throughout the process.

4. Please Please Please Do Not Leave Notes: Do not leave notes for the inspector to make sure doors remain closed so that your pet does not escape, or that an animal is in a certain room and to make sure they remain there. The inspector is not responsible for the safety of your animal, and will not be responsible if they escape the home and are injured.

Also, home inspectors are not trained animal handlers and some pets may become aggressive, so do not leave animals home alone unattended with the home’s buyer, guests, realtors, and home inspectors. We’ve already said it, but it’s worth saying again; the best option is to crate or take any pets with you to ensure their safety and the safety of the buyer guests, realtors, and home inspector.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet-Friendly Home Inspections Answered

Do I need to disclose any pet damage to potential buyers?
In most states, there’s no legal obligation to disclose minor pet damage like scratches or chewed corners. However, transparency is always the best policy. Disclose any significant structural damage caused by your pets, such as damaged walls, flooring, or doors. This allows potential buyers to factor in potential repair costs during negotiations.

Can the presence of pets living in the home affect the outcome of a home inspection?
Generally, no. The home inspector is primarily concerned with the overall condition of the property itself, focusing on structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, and other core aspects of the house. However, excessive pet hair in HVAC ductwork or lingering odors could potentially lead to a recommendation for additional cleaning or deodorizing.

Will having pets present during the inspection make it take longer?
While a well-behaved pet shouldn’t significantly impact the inspection duration, having to secure your pet or address unexpected pet-related situations could add time to the process. Communicate openly with the inspector beforehand and be prepared to manage your pet’s behavior to minimize any delays.

Flighty pets could potentially escape the home, jeopardizing their safety. As mentioned several times above, the best, and recommended option is to either crate or take your pet with you out of the home during the inspection.

Peace of Mind for Pet Owners and Homeowners Alike

At 45th Parallel Home Inspection, we understand the unique challenges and joys of being a pet owner. Our team of experienced and qualified inspectors are prepared to conduct thorough home inspections in homes with furry or feathery residents. We prioritize clear communication, respect for your pets, and a stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Don’t let concerns about your pets prevent you from getting a comprehensive home inspection. Contact 45th Parallel Home Inspection today! We offer flexible scheduling, competitive rates, and a pet-friendly approach to home inspections. Let us help you ensure a smooth and successful home buying or selling process, whether you’re a pet owner or not.

Inspectors will note any damage caused by pets, such as scratched floors, chewed trim, or stained carpets. Before the inspection, take care of these issues as much as possible. Small repairs can make a big difference in the overall impression of your home.

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