At 45th Parallel Home Inspection, we focus on delivering high-quality inspections and reports. We have changed our reporting software to a more progressive, interactive, and cutting edge reporting platform.  Spectora is a cutting edge home inspection software.  As a realtor or customer, reading one of our reports, you can view it in HTML format where you have a more photo-intensive view instead of a lot of text.  You can enlarge photos for close-ups, filter the data to show only the items the inspectors thought are safety-related or more important repair items, create a repair list to use in your repair addendum, view and save PDF reports, and more.  These features are a huge progression over our earlier delivery of a PDF document only.  We know you’ll enjoy the new features and interactive functionality.  We’ve had fantastic positive feedback from customers and realtor partners regarding our change to Spectora.   Here is a very short video tutorial to get you up to speed in navigating the new report format.

We have also had a few questions specifically about how to view and save a PDF report.  So we have some screenshots to specifically demonstrate that as well.

After following the link from 45th Parallel to view the report, and clicking on the green view button, you will be looking at the report in HTML format. To view the report in PDF format, use the PDF button on the right side of the page:

Then click on the Full Report or Summary option:

You will now be looking at the report in PDF view (from within your web browser).

If you want to now download and save a copy on your local computer, just hover over the upper right portion of the screen and the controls will appear to download, print, etc.  Click on the download button to save it on your local computer.  Remember, the customer will also have access to the report, so you don’t need to send it to them.  They will already have it.  This copy is for your records in case you want a PDF copy.

That’s it.  It’s easy to save a PDF copy to your local computer if you want to while viewing the report.

Author: nwparallel45